Traffic Defense

Even drivers charged with traffic offenses can benefit from legal representation. Here's why:

1. Avoid taking time out of your day for court appearances. We can represent you at all court appearances without you being present. Even a run-of-the-mill traffic ticket can take 2-3 hearings, so hiring an attorney can save you precious vacation time or time with your friends and family. Not to mention the stress of going to court.

2. Tickets can be negotiated. We can work to negotiate a different citation with the prosecuting agency, whether that means a non-moving violation, a violation with less demerit points, or simply less fines. We can also seek to have additional tickets dismissed as part of resolving all your citations. Either way, hiring an attorney can save you money.

3. Missed a court date?  We can help try to reopen those defaulted tickets. Even if the court defaulted your tickets, we can ask the prosecuting agency and the court to reopen them and seek a more favorable resolution. 

4. Insurance woes. Your insurance company would much rather see a non-moving violation, with less demerit points, than a moving violation with high points. Even if the fine isn't much, the name and nature of the ticket can have lasting financial consequences.  

5. Keep your license. As mentioned above, demerit points can add up. Whether a person with a probationary license, a commercial license, or a standard license, you need a valid license to drive. Losing demerit points can cost you those privileges for months or years. 

Whether a speeding ticket or even a minor traffic violation, we can help reduce points, fines, and lasting financial consequences. If nothing else, we can take your place at court in handling the matter. Call today at 262-632-2200 for a free consultation.