Sexual Assault Defense

Perhaps no other area of criminal defense requires skilled representation than sexual assault defense. Short of homicide, sexual assault carries the highest penalties.  Specifically, here's why hiring experienced sexual assault defense attorneys, such as Attorneys Richards or Dimmer, makes all the difference in resolving these matters:

1. Sex offender registration. If convicted of a sexual assault offense, an offender may face years or a lifetime of registering as a sex offender. This carries with it immense stigma and responsibility.  We can work to resolve your case in a way that minimizes or perhaps even eliminates the need for registration.

2. Sexual assault cases involve complex investigation and litigation. In no other criminal defense case does the information admitted at trial have a bigger impact. This can include information about the complaining witnesses prior sexual conduct, the defendant's prior criminal history, the complaining witnesses treatment records or juvenile records, and allegations that the defendant committed a similar crime against someone else.  We have successfully litigated motions concerning these types of information, which better-positions our clients at trial. 

3. Sexual assault cases require professional representation.  Due to the nature of the charges, sexual assault defense requires being very professional when dealing with the client, the client's family, and the other involved parties. At trial, experience defense attorneys can explain the client's defense to the jury appropriately and convincingly.  

Again, sexual assault charges require more than some experience in criminal defense work. These cases require successful investigation, litigation, and trial representation. At Mark D. Richards, S.C. we have over 30 years of handling these high-stakes cases. Call today for a free consultation at 262-632-2200.