Harassment Injunctions and Restraining Orders

Today, many disputes between co-works, co-parents, or even family members results in one party filing a harassment injunction or restraining order request. Although different than criminal defense, our attorneys have both the experience and skills to defend against these actions. Here's why you should hire an attorney to handle these matters.

1. Harassment injunctions and restraining orders become part of your record. These actions show up on CCAP, so the public can access them from home or at work. Avoid embarrassment from these records by defending against them.

2. Injunctions and restraining orders last for years. Courts can issue these orders and injunctions for more than a few weeks. They can affect a person for months or even years.

3. You have the right to an formal hearing, with witnesses and evidence. Although temporary restraining orders are relatively easy to obtain, you have the right to challenge the final order at an evidentiary hearing.  Much like a trial or motion hearing, skilled defense counsel can help prove that the petition has no case against you and that the matter should be dismissed.

4. You could lose your firearms. In Wisconsin, you could lose your firearms if subjected to a harassment injunction or restraining order. This makes defending against them even more important.

Even if you have no objection to avoiding a person who files a harassment injunction or restraining order action against you, the negative affects of these orders make defending them a must. Call today at 262-632-2200 for an initial consultation.