Drug Defense

Whether federal or in Wisconsin, drug offenses break down into three primary groups: simple possession, delivery of a controlled substance, and manufacturing of a controlled substance. Penalties for committing a drug offense vary greatly, depending on the amount of drugs, whether the offender has an underlying substance abuse problem, whether the offender is willing to participate in treatment, and what type of drugs were involved.

A drug conviction can have substantial, negative effects on a person's future. Primarily second and subsequent drug convictions are chargable as felonies, with possible prison time. For first-time offenders, drug convictions can mean the end of student loan or financial aid opportunities. Finally, a drug conviction can add to an offender's criminal history, making them more likely to become a habitual offender, even if they never commit another drug offense.

Hiring a drug defense attorney like Attorney Richards or Dimmer is the first step in addressing the above-issues. We can work to challenge the State or Federal government's case, how they obtained the drug evidence. We can act as a facilitator between the State, the court, and you, for obtaining vital treatment and direct the case toward a rehabilitative (rather than punitive) sentence. Finally, we can prepare for trial, if we cannot come to a resolution that meets your goals in resolving the matter. 

Either way, the 30+ years of experience in drug-offense cases makes the attorneys at Mark D. Richards, S.C. the best choice for representing someone with a state or federal drug charge.  Call today at 262-632-2200 for a free consultation.