Domestic Violence Defense

Altercations between parents, roommates, family members, spouses, significant others, or even close friends could be charged as a domestic violence case. Here's why someone charged with a domestic violence offense should immediately contact our firm to represent them:

1. No contact bond conditions: In most domestic violence cases, the court prohibits or limits the contact between the complaining witness and the charged defendant.  The terms of contact can have immediate and substantial negative effects on families, creating rifts and financial burdens. We can work with the prosecutor to shape the terms of contact in a way that minimizes the negative impact of no contact conditions until the case is over.

2. Treatment options help negotiation: In many domestic violence cases, the prosecutor and the court will look positively on immediate anger management or anti-violence treatment.  Obtaining treatment can also make the difference between a jail or probation sentence and simply receiving fines. We have direct contact with several programs that offer these services, so we can best-position our clients to resolve their cases with the benefit of treatment.

3. Get both sides of the story: If the charged defendant disputes what actually occurred, then we have private investigators ready to turn over each stone in the case, to learn about the history of the parties, possible motives, and assess their credibility and statements. We have resolved many cases with lesser charges because our investigation has poked holes in the witnesses' statements or provided a full picture of what happened to the prosecutor. In short, investigation matters.

4. Domestic violence can carry substantial penalties. Some domestic violence charges, like strangulation or stalking, can carry penalties that include prison. Others include the potential for jail or probation. Even if you only receive a fine, a domestic violence conviction can prevent you from owning or possessing a firearm in the future--for life. 

If you know someone who is charged with a domestic violence offense, please have them contact us for effective defense representation. Call today at 262-632-2200 for a free consultation.