Criminal Law

Today, more than ever before, criminal charges and convictions can turn life upside-down.

Even before a conviction, criminal charges impact your life, loved ones, and liberty.  If charged with a criminal offense, the court will set a cash or signature bond to ensure the client returns to court and behaves during the pendency of the case.  The conditions of this bond vary greatly from case to case, and a criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in securing conditions that minimize the impact to a client’s family and loved ones. A client can continue working, engage in treatment, or otherwise demonstrate good behavior—better positioning themselves for a favorable resolution in the case.

As our client testimonials reflect, Attorney Richards and Attorney Dimmer have extensive experience representing clients against criminal charges from traffic violations to homicide.  They work at both the State and Federal level, combining litigation, investigation, and negotiation to either secure a favorable agreement, or pursue trial when necessary to protect the client from criminal allegations. 

Most criminal cases resolve without a jury trial, and the terms of the agreement to resolve a case, and the corresponding sentence, have immense consequences on a client’s future.  This link provides a searchable database with the collateral consequences of a conviction both in Wisconsin as well as other states: or 

Each client’s needs our different when it comes to agreements—some clients need to avoid drug charges to keep student loans; some clients need non-domestic abuse enhancers to protect their right to own firearms; some clients need lower fines.  Whatever the specific need, our firm has experience in arguing for a resolution that protects our clients’ futures. 

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